Adeline's Birthday Party

Last weekend was full of fun. After a long wait Adeline's birthday has arrived last Friday, June 02. Over 60 guests, a live band, a band of dancers and an awesome location, all together to create some memorable memories.

Making the image selection in around one day and the editing the next day became a habit. Oh, and also 10 prints, 2 DVDs and some more small products, but the pictures with these will be added to the end of the gallery after the entire delivery will be made. No, we do not like spoilers.

If you feel like you would want some color after all these black and white posts, you can click on the image and this will take you to the gallery page on the site. A lot of colorful photos from Adeline's party are waiting for you there. The party took place in Băile Felix, county Bihor.


Claudiu & Geanina's Wedding

In one word: Amazing! In more words: A lovely elegance. We had a lot of fun during the wedding day and at the photo shoot that took place a few days after the wedding. We went to Hungary, more precisely in Gyula at Almásy-kastély, a very well maintained castle. 

This gallery is currently the single full black and white gallery on the site. Although not many photographers advise on having a full black and white gallery for your portfolio, I love it! I felt that I wanted something different and in this way I achieved it.

 The bride and groom were very friendly, photogenic and outgoing, and the location was indeed beautiful. This made my job easier than the rest of the weddings that I took part of. As you already know, clicking the image will take you to the full gallery.

Ricardo's photo shoot

Today I had a photo shoot with Ricardo, my best friend and collaborator on a lot of projects. He joined me at so many photo and video related projects, that I suggested him to write in his CV that he is a professional model.

It was the first time when I used artificial lights outside, more precisely a SB-910 Nikon flash paired with Pixel King Pro's transceiver and receiver and my favorite light modifier I used so far, an octobox.

The octobox I used was 0.95 meters in diameter and was at around 1 meter away from the subject. This helped me to gain this extremely soft light on Ricardo and it just worked-out very well. 

My first exhibition

The linked gallery takes you to some photos that always will remind me of one thing: never fully shave your beard. Yeah, I'm kidding. But in all seriousness, this was my first exhibition (and the only one so far).

A friend from the Photographic Club "Nufărul" where I was a member since March 2012 and until the end of 2016 owned this gallery room in Oradea Shopping Center, a Commercial Center near Oradea.

After showing other members my portfolio that I had build for one of the exams I had at the Admission for the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, he offered to give me some space for an exhibition in his Art Gallery. Of course I said Yes, I'd love to! The opening took part in August 12, 2015. Click on the image to see more from the exhibition.

Vlad Milonean

As an artist, I want to express my view on everything I do. Since 2012, when I first started photography, I tried every niche I could to figure out what genre I like the most.

And I found out 2 years later. If you take a look at my site's header, you will easily realize that I love Event Photography. I love the constant interaction I have with my clients and the smile they share when they see the results. I put a lot of importance on the final product, whether it is a digital one or a print (see more on the PRODUSE page or take a look at the last images from MAJORATE galleries).

Now this is my business, and I love it! Thus said, I invite you read the Blog, check out the galleries and also take a look on my social media and 500px page (social buttons at the page's footer).